Santa Bear Candle
Santa Bear Candle
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Santa Bear Candle

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Santa Bear is coming to town! This adorable and unique Santa bear design candle is just waiting to be a centerpiece on your holiday table during the most wonderful time of the year.


* premium vegan soy wax

* hand poured and hand crafted with love in Canada

*high quality fragrance oil

* non-toxic, biodegradable, clean burn, renewable resources

* handmade in small batches in Canada

* size: Santa Bear candle - 8 x 5.5 cm approximately

* size: Winter Glove candle - 7 x 6.5 cm approximately

* Gift Set includes one Santa Bear candle and one winter glove candle

The Santa Bear and Winter Glove candle are designed to be decorative, however may be burned carefully. Please refer to candle care for burning instructions.

Christmas Scent:

Santa's Christmas Story Fragrance

A blend of blue spruce, cedar and a hint of cinnamon. The fresh crisp air in the mountains is unmistakable.

Candy Cane Fragrance

Top- Crushed Peppermint; Middle - Spearmint; Bottom - creamy vanilla

Christmas Night Fragrance

The perfect blend of peppermint, coffee and milk chocolate, this scent will definitely warm you up on a cold day!

Top- Sweet Peppermint, Coffee; Middle-Sugar and Mint, Cinnamon; Bottom-Vanilla, Musk, Balsam

Yuletide Magic

Ripened sweet pear intertwine with almonds, a hint of vanilla cream and the pleasant tonality of caramel. Add in aromatic spices and you have a perfectly rounded fruity holiday treat.

Top-Vanilla, Pear; Middle-Almond, Cream, Caramel; Bottom-Spice, Musk

Gingerbread Fragrance

This warmed cookie is a Christmas classic.