Flower Shape Coconut Bowl

Flower Shape Coconut Bowl

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Flower Shaped Bowl - Wooden Bowl, Coconut Bowls, Wood Food Bowl, Vegan Bowl, Eco Gifts, Natural Home Decor, Wood Fruit Bowl, Bowl with Stand 

Made by nature and crafted by hand, this flower shaped coconut bowl is a fabulous eco gift for a natural home. The multi-purpose bowl created from discarded coconut shells is testament to the fact that nature is filled with wonderful creations. 

Cut, sanded and polished inside and out, you can fill the bowl with a taco salad, vegan quinoa cakes or just leave it on the side filled with delicious fruit. Also great as a trinkets bowl! 


* unique flower shape

* natural polished coconut shell

* sustainable and eco-friendly

* beautifully packaged

* wonderful home decor gift

SIZE: 12-13.5 cm