Natural Coconut Bowl Set

Natural Coconut Bowl Set

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A fantastic eco-friendly and sustainable alternative, this coconut shell bowl set will bring a little exotic paradise to your kitchen. For summer salads and eating al fresco, these bowls are just perfect. As a hostess thank you gift, these bowls are both aesthetically beautiful as well as highly functional. 

Entirely hand-crafted from normally discarded coconut shells, these little beauties will probably be with you for a lifetime, but if not, they are totally biodegradable. 




* 2 bowls, 2 spoons and 2 forks

* natural polished coconut shell

* sustainable and eco-friendly

* beautifully packaged

* wonderful home decor gift 

SIZES: bowls: 12-13.5 cm height: 6.5cm spoon/fork: 16 cm 

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