Dessert Candle (Bread + Egg)

Dessert Candle (Bread + Egg)

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In delectable detail, these dessert cake novelty candles are super fun and the ideal gift for the baker or chef in your life. Perfect for adding a whimsical detail to your kitchen table, be sure to tell your guests they are not edible!

For a birthday party or family get-together, these candles will add lovely detail. Small things can often make the biggest difference and these candles will never fail to delight. 


* unique candle design

* premium soy wax 

* hand-poured and hand-crafted with love

* handmade in small batches in Canada 

* cruelty-free 

* free from phthalate and parabens 


Bread - W6 x L 8 cm, 35g

Egg - D 5 cm x H 2 cm, 20g


The candle is designed to be decorative, however may be burned carefully. Please refer to candle care for burning instructions! Do not eat! They are all made of wax.